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Camilla of Sweden Eye Lash Serum

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Eye Lash Serum, Fransserum

 Why Eye Lash Serum?

  •        Give longer and thicker fransae.
  •       Provides nutrition and strenght.
  •       Visible effects after just 5 days.
  •        Easy to use.
  •        Does not irritating eys.
  •        Without side effects.
  •         affordable.


Camilla of Sweden french serum contains only vegetable oils. Together with myrrh and lavender, this is the best product to naturally boost your fringes.
The secret of our effective French serum includes jojoba, castor oil, argan and myrrh.
Lavender oil and Myrra have calming properties and also work antiseptically.
The French feel fuller already after a few days.


For naturally richer and longer eyelashes:

Lubricate the fringes every night, apply a drop of Eye Lash Serum to a cleaned fingertip, use a fingertip from the other hand, rub and apply the oil to the fringes using your fingertips. Blink while holding the finger top near the roots. Now it's clear and the effect comes after about 3 days.

Make Removal:

Apply a few drops of Hair Masque to a pad, rub gently on the areas to be cleaned.

Wash afterwards with mild Hand & Body Wash.

Also removes waterproof makeup.

Innehållsförteckning INCI:

*ricinus communis seed oil (kallpressad ricinolja), *simmondsia chinensis seed oil (kallpressad jojobaolja), *argana spinosa (kallpressad arganolja), tocopherol, *lavandula angustifolia (lavendel), commiphoramyrrha (myrra) 

30 ml

Camilla of Sweden Eye Lash Serum

Camilla of Sweden Eye Lash Serum

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