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Camilla of Sweden Hair Conditioner 200ml

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Absolutely unique hair conditioner that cures and softens your hair. With an outstanding combination of Argan, Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera, it has everything you need from a conditioner.

Now you no longer need to look into the jungle of good products you have found home. Try and enjoy this unbeatable composition.

 Argan and Jojoba oil - are traditionally considered to promote the hair's own moisture balance and stimulate restoration of, for example, clogged hair follicles, reflecting the lust of hair.

  •  Aloe Vera - has a long tradition in medical art, it is said to have bactericidal, moisture-binding and anti-inflammatory properties and contains all vitamins except vitamin D.
  •  This product is approved by the Green hairdresser association.
Scent - Natural and gentle scented with essential oil of lemon grass.
Useful - Apply on freshly washed and wet hair immediately after shampooing. Allow for 30 sec and then rinse.
  •  In extremely dry / damaged hair apply a small amount of hair to the hairs and allow the hair to air dry.
For who - All hair types.
200 ml

Camilla of Sweden Hair Conditioner 200ml

Camilla of Sweden Hair Conditioner 200ml

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